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 What is my lifestyle like?

  • I eat healthy as much as I can but don't deprive myself of anything

  • I love to practice yoga and meditate

  • I have ditched chemicals from my house as much as possible (makeup, household products, among others) and have switched to using Young Living products that are plant based and 100% therapeutic

  • I go to nature as much as I can 

  • I read affirmations and quotes that inspire and help me think positive

  • I pray and thank God for all that I have

  • I say "I love you" to everyone dear to me every time I see them

  • I am constantly simplifying my life by letting go of clutter and unnecessary things

  • I live my life with a grateful heart (especially for my parents for all they've done for me in my life)

  • I eat, go to bed every night and wake up every morning around the same time

  • I drink water often (even though I'm a work in progress!)

  • I take vacations with my husband and/or with our children every year - NO MATTER WHAT!

  • I don't watch TV at all. (I have a few favorite shows - {Outlander!!} or movies that I enjoy, but I'm not into it)

  • I read and write

  • I purchase from small shops/business all the time and have done so for many years

  • I try not to stress the small things 

  • I also try not to leave things for tomorrow if I can do it today

I'm not perfect. I have a lot to learn to do better for myself. But these are the small changes I have implemented so far for myself and my family that has changed my life for the better.

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