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Young Living


WHY is Young Living different and worth it?? Is there even a point to stockpiling your favorite oils?? Can't you just grab something cheap from the store in a jiffy??

Well in the words of our former president and COO, Jared Turner, "When the cost of our essential oils is seen as a challenge by our customers, I like to describe for them the work required to run farms around the world without herbicides and other toxic chemicals. 

It costs us around $12,000 per acre to weed Mona, Utah lavender fields by hand, using manual labor. Do you know what it costs other companies? $60.00 per acre. Spraying cheap (and toxic) herbicides is faster and cheaper."

There's a REASON you can't tour the farms of other companies. There's a REASON you may have tried "oils" before and not seen results. Oils are not all created equal. You get what you pay for.

Young Living essential oils are 100% therapeutic. It only had the good stuff. Unlike other essential oils that are cheap or claim to be 100% therapeutic - do your own research.

Did you know that Europe bans over 1,300 chemicals from products, whereas the United States only bans 11 of them?!?!

Just so you know, essential oils takes 22 seconds to reach the brain, 2 minutes to be found in your bloodstream, 20 minutes to affect every cell in your body. So please choose your essential oils and products wisely.

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