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Are You an Explorer Like Us?

I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in my student's lives. I was once a struggling student juggling three languages in order to just make friends so I understood what my nonEnglish speaking students needed in order to succeed. I also loved the routine and structure that a classroom can teach a student. But I also believe that children (and adults alike), can learn so much outside of the classroom. And that's what my husband and I thrive to do for our children. We are explorers!

I can't tell you how much I've learned as a traveling adult along the years. I've learned about cultures, food, about location, weather, history... And all of these experiences has made me a well rounded person. I'm far from knowing everything but I'm definitely far more ahead than I could ever be if I hadn't traveled and visited new places.

Children are no different than adults in the fact that they can too become well rounded children by visiting different places. And sometimes you don't even need to go far from your home. We can learn so much by visiting museums, aquariums, parks, special sights, and even the library.

Here in Greece, it is very easy to find historical sites so we go to those a lot. Many cities also have an old town with old houses or buildings that have become museums that we love to explore. Old town streets sometimes have famous streets and famous houses as well.

All this to "say" that yes, children learn in the classroom. But they learn so much more when they experience it themselves. So I encourage you to look for a place to take your children this summer! And then come back and share where did you take them with me! I would love to know!

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