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Stew and Potatoes from the Yard

I never thought that I would one day grow my own vegetable but I did! We simply added potatoes with overgrown roots we had bought from the local farmer's market into a large round planter filled with soil. We watered, placed it under the sunlight, and voila!

The potatoes did not grow to be the same size. To be honest, they were mostly tiny potatoes but we're happy with the results since it was our first growing them. I'm looking forward to growing even more potatoes this year and even more vegetables and fruits in the future!

Stew and Potatoes recipe:


  • pork stew cut up in cubes

  • potatoes (cut in small pieces)

  • yellow onion (1)

  • garlic (1 head)

  • paprika powder

  • salt

  • pepper

  • tomato paste (spoon full)

  • water

  • olive oil

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil in a pressure cooker. Add the pork pieces and brown all sides of the meat by moving it around in the pot in medium to high heat. Once the pork is browned, add potatoes, salt, pepper, and paprika powder. Mix the pork around once more to get all the ingredients mixed well. Add enough water to cover the meat in the pressure cooker and finally mix in the tomato sauce.

Close the pressure cooker with the lid and let the meat cook for 30-40 minutes. If you open the pot after the time is up and there's still water and the meat isn't fully cooked, close the lid again and let it cook for another 15-20 minutes.

If there's water in the pot but the meat is fully cooked, boil the water without the lid. (You want to have juice but not so much that it looks like soup).

Taste and add more salt, pepper, and paprika powder if needed.

Serve it with a side of rice or bread.


I also love adding mushrooms, peppers, sausage, and carrots to this recipe!

I would love to know if you try making this recipe - come back and share it with me!

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